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We’re approaching the end of April and the recent glorious weather has been bathing the Barn grounds in spring sunshine. From our position in the Cartshed, the view is starting to look very different already. Corbel Conservation have moved onto site, the cider press and mill stone have been dismantled and moved into storage, and demolition work is well and truly underway.

The South Range

Donning a hard hat and looking around with the site manager, it’s easy to see where the builders have been. Stepping into the main Barn, very little has changed. However, as you round the corner to the South range, the view opens out. What was the sad looking lean-to adjacent to the kitchen garden has been demolished to slab level. From there entering the West Barn, what was a dark rabbit warren of breeze block rooms, has now been gutted to reveal a large, bright space. On the North range, another lean-to has been demolished, exposing the side wall of the main Barn.

Demolition of the North Lean-To

Inside of the West Barn








As the demolition progresses, Corbel are cleaning and storing stone materials that can be repurposed elsewhere. This is an approach that will continue throughout the build with an emphasis on reusing and recycling.

We’ll be writing a monthly building update so do keep coming back to check on the progress. We’ll also introduce you to different tradespeople with a closer look at some of the specialist techniques used in renovation. And of course, although the main site is closed, we are still running small events in our Cartshed so check our events page for the latest information.

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