Builders Blog #2

Volunteer Hard Hat Tour

The summer might feel like it’s on hold, but building work at the Barn certainly isn’t!

With demolitions and groundworks having taken place, the Corbel team have turned their attentions to the West Barn at the far end of the site. What once was a dark, pokey space with breeze blocked rooms is now a bright open space. Scaffolding has been erected to enable repair works to the roof. Some of the windows are being blocked up, and bat roosts and bird boxes have been put up to minimise any impact to wildlife.

Work on the cow byres is progressing well with preparations having been made for a large additional workshop unit on the end of the existing byres. An old french drain was found under the main grassy area onsite which explains why water was always quick to soak away after heavy rain.

Speaking of heavy rain, with the onset of relentless bad weather over the past couple of weeks, Corbel moved inside to do some jobs on the main Barn including giving the whole space a good clean (goodbye cobwebs!), and applying a coat of limewash to the walls.

Walking around on the volunteer hard hat tour, we started to get a sense of how the site will look and feel upon completion next Spring. Although we won’t be running large scale events at the Barn site until we re-open, there’s still plenty going on. See our events page for the latest information.

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