Lecture: Building A Martian House

Date: 13th June 2019

Time: 7 - 9pm

Location: The Cartshed

Over the past three years artists Ella & Nicki have been researching how to build an actual house that you could live in on Mars. Along the way they’ve been talking to scientists, engineers, architects and the general public to turn this into reality in a project called Building A Martian House.

Project collaborators include the award winning Hugh Broughton Architects, who designed the Halley VI British Antarctic Research Station. From the University Of Bristol Professor Lucy Berthoud who is a Spacecraft Systems Engineer and Dr Robert Myhill, a seismologist and mineral physicist, who is currently working on the NASA Insight Lander project.

The project explores what is possible to achieve through multi-disciplinary collaboration, and will ultimately create the house as a large scale public arts project – making something as ‘real as possible’ and on a fraction of the budget of NASA.

Join Ella and Nicki to find out what we will need to think about to live on another planet, and how you can get involved in the project.

Ella Good and Nicki Kent are artists based in Bristol. Their work looks to create conversations about how we live now and how we might live in the future.