West Gallery Workshop

Date: 6th November 2021

Time: 10am - 4pm

Location: The Barn

Join this West Gallery Music Workshop led by members of Bristol Harmony West Gallery Quire. Singers and instrumentalists come to learn and play some winter festive themed music from the 18th and 19th Centuries. West Gallery music is the type of music sung in churches during that time, led by the village choir and the village band.

Thomas Hardy, himself a fiddle player, wrote about the old choirs in a number of his books, notably Under the Greenwood Tree. You can find extracts on the West Gallery Music Association website (www.wgma.org.uk), along with a mine of information about this type of music.

Above all, this music is FUN! It was such fun that the Victorians strongly disapproved and threw out the choirs and bands in favour of barrel organs, or pipe organs and robed choirs, producing the sort of church music which many of us grew up with.

If you like singing, do come along and join in; the music is accessible to all and you can learn by ear or read the music. The music is sung in four parts, so whatever your voice range, there is a part for you. Instrumentalists are also welcome – strings and woodwind are suitable, but not brass instruments or guitars. If in doubt, please ask. Instrumentalists please bring a music stand if you have one; a clip-on light could be useful.

Music will be supplied in hard copy on the day but can be emailed if you would like to look at it beforehand.

There will also be a performance of the music with Bristol Harmony on Saturday 4th December at 3pm which you are welcome to take part in.

Workshop Cost: £15 in advance. Please bring a packed lunch. There will be a small additional charge for the music, payable on the day. Workshop from 10.30am – 4pm, tea and coffee will be available from 10am ready for a start at 10:30am.

Please note, parking for this event is onsite at the Barn, BS36 1SE.