ZOOM TALK: Medieval and Early Modern Witch-Hunting

Date: 22nd June 2023
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Online

This ticket is to view the talk online over Zoom. Please buy one ticket per device. The viewing link will be sent out at least 1 hour before the start time. 

Join celebrated historian, Prof Ronald Hutton for a fascinating lecture on witch-hunting.

Why did the notorious medieval and early modern witch hunts take place? What made them different from witch hunts elsewhere in the world, why did they stop, and what are the implications of this for witchcraft beliefs and human rights in the present world? How far is the fear of witchcraft still a potent factor today? This talk aims to suggest answers to all these questions

About your speaker: Prof Hutton is an English historian who specialises in Early Modern Britain, British folklore, pre-Christian religion and Contemporary Paganism. He is a professor at the University of Bristol, has written 14 books and has appeared on British television and radio. He held a fellowship at Magdalen College, Oxford, and is a Commissioner of English Heritage. We are delighted to welcome him back to The Barn!

The primary purpose of this event is to raise money for WMBT and to support conservation, management, maintenance and improvement of the WMBT site.