Our volunteer team are the heart and soul of the Barn and we really could not run without the passion, dedication, enthusiasm, and experience that volunteers have shown over the years. Some people volunteer weekly, some monthly, and some at large events which are once or twice a year. We have the flexibility to fit with your current commitments and interests. Keep reading for more info, and sign up below.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

The social aspect: Being part of a friendly team, meeting new people.

Health and wellbeing: Spending time outdoors in a beautiful rural setting, being active.

Free access to a range of events when on duty.

Training and skills development: We offer external and in house training. This could include first aid, presenting skills, safeguarding, social media training.

Volunteer socials and trips: An annual festive thank you event, as well as opportunities to extend our knowledge around topics relevant to the Barn and to your role.

What could you do?

We have a variety of roles to suit different interests, time, availability and skills. Our current opportunities include :

Garden Group: This group looks after the kitchen garden and meets once a week on a Friday morning.

Barnforce: An informal group that meets on the first Saturday morning of the month to maintain the Barn grounds.

Events Volunteer: Looking after the smooth running of events. This includes stewarding, welcoming visitors, looking after the box office, refreshments, setting up audio visual equipment.

Tour Guide: Providing guided tours to members of the public and special interest groups.

Publicity: Promoting events and activities through various channels; print, online, radio.

Learning and Participation: Supporting thedelivery ofschools activities.

Barn Champion: Being a Barn spokesperson and contributing to fundraising efforts.

Archives: Helping to keep the archive records of WMBT.

Thinking about joining?

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with our community engagement officer Jasmine Loveys on 07850909235 or email Jasmine.Loveys@southglos.gov.uk

Alternatively, you can go ahead and sign up using the form below, or print and post to Winterbourne Medieval Barn, Church Lane, Winterbourne, BS36 1SE.

If you sign up below, you’ll join our online portal where you can view and sign up for upcoming volunteer opportunities. Alternatively, we can call you if you prefer this to online communication.

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll be in touch to arrange joining us at an event, followed by an induction to the Barn.

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