A new chapter for this unique medieval site

Winterbourne Medieval Barn Trust (WMBT) and South Gloucestershire Council are working in partnership with the National Lottery Heritage Fund to revitalise the whole Barn complex into a community heritage site promoting the knowledge of medieval history, its architecture, agricultural landscape and people.

Current building and conservation works aim to preserve the life of the Main Barn, provide a historical interpretation gallery, redevelop the Victorian cow byres into artisanal workshop spaces, and will see the installation of much needed kitchen and toilet facilities. All of these works aim to ensure the secure future of the Barn complex for years to come.

Click on the links and begin to uncover the history of this spectacular medieval building. We think it is a pretty special barn and hope you agree!

Winterbourne Medieval Barn is a building of national importance. Built in 1342, just a few years before the great plagues swept across England, the barn is a unique survival of the medieval agrarian economy. It was commissioned by Thomas de Bradeston, who was Lord of the Manor of Winterbourne from 1328 until his death in 1360. Records suggest that he ‘dined with friends at Winterbourne in 1353’.

Sitting on a finger of fertile agricultural land in the north Bristol fringe in the South West of England, this great agricultural storehouse was in danger of collapse through neglect until it was purchased by South Gloucestershire Council, its current owner, in 1998. A programme of restoration on the Main Barn and the South Range began in 2002, jointly financed by the South Gloucestershire Council and English Heritage. The Barn and surrounding site is currently undergoing building and conservation works as part of a Heritage Fund project due to re-open in Spring 2020.

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Wild Adventures!

Date: 12th August 2020

Time: 10am - 5pm

Location: Winterbourne Medieval Barn

Wild Adventures!

It’s a jungle out there! Keep your eyes peeled because who knows what wild creatures you might see down at the Barn. Are you an otter spotter, or looking out for a trout? Along the way we’ll be leaf printing, making bird feeders, and going WILD!

Time Travel Adventures!

Date: 19th August 2020

Time: 10am - 5pm

Location: Winterbourne Medieval Barn

Time Travel Adventures!

Leap back through time! Join our whistle stop tour of the past from Medieval knights to Victorian curiosities and everything in between. Make and collect an artefact from each time zone and see if you can unlock the future!

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