Historic Distaff Spinning Workshop

Date: 7th August 2021

Time: 10am - 4pm

Location: Winterbourne Medieval Barn

Come and learn the historic craft of distaff spinning in this day long workshop.

For much of European history, wool as well as flax was spun using a distaff. This fascinating and highly efficient spinning technique was nearly lost to the mists of time. However, it has recently been reconstructed by a small group of historical craft enthusiasts, using archaeological, art history and ethnographic evidence. The tutors of this workshop have been at the forefront of the revival of historic European distaff spinning since its inception.

This workshop will introduce you to the historic European method of spinning wool with a distaff and spindle. You will be taught several ways to dress a distaff and the two principal ways of spinning from it (in-hand and short-suspension). You will also be shown how to efficiently use reproduction historic European spindles. It is recommended that you are already able to spin in order to get maximum benefit from this workshop.

This workshop runs from 10am – 4pm and includes lunch, let us know any dietary requirements when you book.

We hope that this event will take place with no covid restrictions in place. However, we will be following the latest government guidance at the time. We’ll update you with any info as we have it.

£69 per person including lunch


Please note parking for this event will be on site at the Barn, BS36 1SE