Lecture: Reconstructing St Katharinen Across the Centuries

Date: 28th September 2021

Time: 7pm

Location: The Barn

Join Dr Tim Senior to find out more about the process of archival archaeology, trying to resurrect a building lost to concrete and car parks, the monastery of St.Katharinen in Germany. 

Lying near the heart of Bremen, Germany, the St. Katharinen district borders two of the city’s principal medieval, and now modern, streets. As one of the earliest documented structures on the site, the Dominican monastery of St. Katharinen (founded 1225) has come to define much of the urban fabric of the district. A substantial building complex, it served scholarly, commercial, military and domestic roles following the Reformation, not least housing the city Armoury, State library and the city’s first University.  

Subject to periods of extensive redevelopment, much of the complex was finally lost to the bombing raids of the Second World War and a traffic-widening scheme of the 1970s. Only a fragment now remains of the original buildings – a multi-story car park erected on piloti now rises overhead.  

During its redevelopment, the site was cleared without archaeological investigation. Indeed, little scholarly research has been conducted on the site to-date. As such, any attempt to reconstruct the appearance of St Katharinen is now an act of inference: a process of archival archaeology. As part of ongoing work, Dr. Senior will present a new understanding of St Katharinen and the site’s urban transformation across the centuries, one that draws together laser scanning and Lidar data with the most extensive body of construction, land registry, visual and textual data yet assembled. 

Dr. Tim Senior is a cross-sector collaboration specialist, with extensive experience working across the Arts, Humanities, Sciences and Innovation. He is co-founder and research lead of supersum – the wicked problems agency (supersum.works). He has a long-standing interest in medieval art history and the exciting new insights cross-disciplinary partnerships can bring to the field. 

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Please note this event will be held upstairs. Please contact us for any access needs.