Natural Dyes Workshop

Date: 26th June 2021

Time: 10am - 4pm

Location: The Barn, Cartshed

Join Rhyannan Hall in this workshop for witches and alchemists. For millennia, people across the globe have experimented with the incredible range of natural resources available to them, in order to produce vibrant and rich colours for dyeing cloth.  

Madder root, cochineal, old fustic and logwood are our colours of choice for this workshop. When skilfully combined with acids, alkali and iron sulphate, they can magically create a whole rainbow of biohues. In this workshop, students are introduced to ancient natural dyeing processes by experimenting with these four historical plant-based dyes before concocting their own colour potion. Through a combination of theory, interactive games and practical experiments, they will gain an insight into the vast world of colour, chemistry and cloth.  

Rhyannan is a textile dye specialist, practising traditional dye techniques from the Far East, with a particular fondness for Japanese ‘Arashi Shibori’ and use of natural dyes. Since graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth (2014) she has gone on to train with textile artists from the Royal Opera House and now operates under Oxidate Design. Her contemporary take on artisan practices invites contemplation of ancient Japanese aesthetics, particularly the philosophy of wabi-sabi – the acceptance of the imperfect nature of life. 

This workshop will run from 10am – 4pm and includes lunch. 

£79 including lunch, let us know any dietary requirements when you book.  

We will be running this event in accordance with the latest government guidelines. We’ll keep you updated on whether there are restrictions in place on the day.


Please note parking for this event will be on site at the Barn, BS36 1SE